laura murphy

laura murphy

What's your favorite film scene?

Bill Murray and Chevy Chase's scene in Caddyshack. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Me but with a hot tub and chin lift. 

How would you describe your approach to directing? 

The shooting experience should be as fun and funny as the end product or why are we all doing this, you know? 

What's one piece of advice you can always tell yourself in the mirror?

Just cover your nose when you sneeze so you don't have to clean the mirror AGAIN today.




laura murphy

laura murphy

One time a guy gave Laura some unsolicited advice on how to beat a shark. He said the first thing you do is cut yourself to attract it, and then you get real close, and BANG! you sucker punch it in the nose. Needless to say, this guy was an idiot. Luckily, Laura is not. She hasn't gone out looking for a fight with a shark, but she does consider this an apt metaphor for directing comedy. Don’t force the funny and then bang people over the head with it. Find the most clever and funny way to execute a concept by elevating it with beautiful cinematography, unique casting and nuanced performance.

Laura has immense experience working with seasoned improv actors and stand-up comedians. Her career began at MTV writing and directing celebrity packed campaigns before she moved out west and dove head first into commercials and the longer form world. Laura has directed two feature films (one coming in 2024) as well as sketch and scripted comedy series such as “Awkwafina is Nora From Queens” for Comedy Central, "Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver" for HBO, and most recently “Who Killed Santa: a Murderville Mystery” starring Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Maya Rudolph. She has also directed commercial campaigns for brands like Anheuser- Busch, Geico, Groupon, Snapple, Cox Cable and Annovera because according to her "it rules.”

The bravest thing she has ever done is agree to use the below picture of genuine laughter in her bio.