trent jaklitsch

trent jaklitsch

What gets you up in the morning?

David Mamet said it best when he explained why he writes. Something along the lines of it being the same reason beavers gnaw down trees. It’s not because they love or they hate trees, it’s because their teeth itch. I’d say that itch is what gets me up in the morning.

What's your favorite film?

It's got to be The Bicycle Thief. Not only because of the film itself, but because of the experience I had the first time I saw it. 

I was in college. I had this amazing Film Studies professor. He was all of 5 foot nothing but a mountain of character with thick black framed glasses and and even thicker accent. I remember him wheeling in this old 16mm projector and threading the film. Before he turned off the lights he said to us, "I wish I was you experiencing this movie for the first time." The credits rolled, the lights came on, and I was wiping my tears. 

Later in life, I came across the DVD. Sidney Lumet had written the preface. I remember this one line where he said "unlike most films, The Bicycle Thief doesn't become more clever as it progresses, it becomes more real. It's as if we're looking into a man's soul." That about sums it up. 


How would you describe your approach to directing?

I love things that look good. I also think truth is always beautiful. Finding a way to marry those together is my sweet spot. Simply put, I look for the heart in a piece and try not to break it. 

What do you think about alone in the car?

Alone in the car is typically me alone in my own world, packed in a subway. My train of thought mostly goes like this; “…what’s that smell? …did I put on deodorant? ...can they hear Stephen Fry’s voice coming through my headphones? …did they put on deodorant?”


trent jaklitsch

trent jaklitsch

If you've got a story to tell, Trent will bring it to life in a way you never expected. He approaches whatever he shoots with an eye for color and a keen cinematic perspective. Which means his work sure does look pretty.

Trent brings loads of passion and a deep understanding of storytelling to all the work he does. He's the kind of guy who makes us all want to be better people. 

A graduate of NYC's School of Visual Arts, Trent was the recipient of the prestigious Young Directors Award at Cannes in 2015. 

Gravy is thrilled to have Gravy on its roster of directors as he brings a distinctive voice and a strong understanding of the film making process. 

Trent lives in Brooklyn and spends a fair amount of time explaining how to spell his last name.