sebastian hill-esbrand

sebastian hill-esbrand

What was the weirdest/best moment you had on set?

A brief moment of unlocking my inner bad b*tch while in between takes with Booty Freedom

What movie never gets old no matter how many times you watch it?

Moonlight by Barry Jenkins

What are you hilariously bad at?

Carpentry, Hackey Sack, Golf

What is the most useless fact you know/love?

Myth has it that In rural parts of Quebec you can order espresso shots of maple syrup.

What food do you love that most people find odd?

Chickpeas & Eggs, it’s the breakfast of champions.

What do you wish someone had taught you a long time ago?

How to use power tools


sebastian hill-esbrand

sebastian hill-esbrand

Sebastian is a Toronto-based, Caribbean-Australian director who has lived in 15 different cities, and he brings that international, intersectional awareness to his creative pursuits. He is a concept-driven director with a passion for storytelling, and a reliable collaborator for agencies and brands in delivering projects with an inclusive lens.

Visually rich imagery is artfully layered with tongue-in-cheek metaphors throughout his search for belonging across the global cityscape. Misunderstood characters are laid bare beneath his lens with clever satire and an intersectional awareness shaped by his experience as a Caribbean-Australian creative. 

Esbrand’s work is infused with artfully layered visuals that reflect his diverse world view and global experience. His moving 2022 short film "Family" earned a Gold Screen at the Young Director Awards at Cannes along with recognition from the Shots Awards, Director’s Notes, 1.4 Awards, Hot Docs and was a Young Guns 20 finalist.