crobin leo

crobin leo

What gets you up in the morning?

My son Jack - both figuratively and literally. 

What's the weirdest thing that's happened on a shoot?

It was August in Delhi, India aka monsoon season. We were in the middle of shooting a scene at a pedestrian mall when suddenly we heard some commotion over in video village. I looked over to see the agency account guy cursing and chasing the lead client around - at one point pushing him to the ground. While I was in awe of the whole situation, the rest of the crew seemed unfazed as they pulled out their cigarettes and Juuls and watched until the chase scene came to an end. It was weird and it was awesome.

Morbid, but what would be your last meal?

I'd keep it classy, bottomless martinis (of course bleu cheese olives) and one of those table-side caesar salads for two.

Pretend this is a job interview - what's your weakness?

Job interviews.



crobin leo

crobin leo

Crobin Leo does not like prematurely stopped microwaves, coffee, head massagers or gum chewing. He does however, like creating grounded, clever, and heartfelt film that stays with you long after you view it.

Prior to directing, Crobin was an art director at MTV for almost a decade. While at MTV, he became known for his unique perspective on filmmaking. His distinctive, funny, and stunning work for agencies such as ESPN, Havas, Deutsch and 72andsunny have won a wheelbarrow full of awards including the ADC Young Guns and Promax.

Some of his most recent projects include work for American Cancer Society, Toyota, PlayStation and Facebook.

Originally from Long Island, he now lives in Boulder where he is working on his survival skills.