big red button

big red button

What's the best thing about being a Director?

Taking the credit for other people's work.

What do you think about alone in the car?

Does it count as being alone if there's two of us?

Pretend this is a job interview - what's your weakness?

Weakness is for losers. We're winners. Here, give me your wallet. I want to show you something. See? I just won. Hold him back Pier. He's angry!

What would your dream cast be to film a commercial with?

Uri Geller, Oscar the Grouch, and the ghost of Orson Wells. And it's a commercial for "mood stabilisers". 



big red button

big red button

Big Red Button is the name Johnny Burns and Pier van Tijn adopt when they team up to fight crime or make films. There's no real story behind it so don't bother to ask.

They currently make commercials and comedy bits and bobs for TV but will pretty much do anything for a laugh.

Their work has garnered a smattering of praise from both the industry and their parents including a Gold at the BTAAs, a Staff Pick from Vimeo, Best Film at Kinsale, Single Funniest Moment at the Portland Comedy Film Festival and Turkey of the Week from Campaign magazine. In one year they directed 3 of the top 5 most complained about adverts in the UK.